Krebs: Works for Harpsichord (Volume 3)


Johann Ludwig Krebs (1713 – 1780): Harpsichord Works Volume 3 played by Steven Devine

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Keyboardist Steven Devine continues this complete survey of Johann Ludwig Krebs’ significant contribution to the keyboard genre with the third volume in this series dedicated to the composer’s keyboard works.

Featuring one of the three surviving Partitas from a presumed set of six, this album also includes the world premiere recording of Krebs’ Six Keyboard Sonatas (Krebs-WV 832-837), that only came to light during the historic restoration of the archive of the Sing- Akademie to Berlin following its removal to Ukraine during the war in 1943.

With a compositional style that points to a period later in Krebs’s life, these charming, witty and sometimes quirky works clearly demonstrate the composer’s confident yet straightforward charm.

Partita VI in E-flat major, Krebs-WV 827a
1. Präludium
2. Fuga
3. Allemande
4. Courante
5. Sarabande
6. Gavotte
7. Polonoise
8. Scherzo
9. Menuet
10. Gigue

Sonata I in C major, Krebs-WV 832 *
11. Allegro
12. Andante
13. Allegretto

Sonata II in G major, Krebs-WV 833 *
14. Allegro
15. Andante
16. Allegretto

Sonata III in B-flat major, Krebs-WV 834 *
17. Vivace
18. Andante
19. Vivace

Sonata IV in D major, Krebs-WV 835 *
20. Allegro
21. Allegretto
22. Presto

Sonata V in F major, Krebs-WV 836 *
23. Allegro
24. Andante
25. Allegro

Sonata VI in D minor, Krebs-WV 837 *
26. Allegro non troppo
27. Andante
28. Allegro


Double-manual harpsichord by Colin Booth (2000) after a single-manual by Johann Christof Fleischer (Hamburg, 1710). Tuned and maintained by Steven Devine.

Pitch a=415Hz
Temperament based on Werckmeister III (1691)

Recorded in Alpheton New Maltings, Suffolk on 25–26 April 2022
Producer, engineer & editor: Adam Binks
Recorded at 24-bit/96 kHz resolution
Cover Image: Detail of Willem Claesz Heda: Still life with upturned Jan Steen pitcher, crab, & drinking vessels

Performing editions by Steven Devine (Six Sonatas)
and Felix Frederich (Partita, published by Carus)