Krebs: Works for Harpsichord (Volume 2)


Johann Ludwig Krebs (1713 – 1780): Harpsichord Works Volume 1 played by Steven Devine

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Described by his teacher, J S Bach, as “a musician of distinction,  a player of the keyboard, violin and lute and a proficient composer”, this second volume of Keyboard works by Johann Ludwig Krebs demonstrates his diverse compositional style that represents a significant sea-change in musical taste of the time.  Despite Krebs not seeing any substantial success in his own lifetime, recent assessments have shown the composer in a new light with a fascinating synthesis of Baroque, Galant and Classical forms.  Keyboardist Steven Devine continues this complete survey of Krebs’ significant contribution to the keyboard genre.

Overture “nach dem Franzoischen [sic] Gout” (Krebs-WV 820)

      1. Ouverture
      2. Lentement
      3. Vivement
      4. Paisan
      5. Menuett 1 & Menuett II en Trio
      6. Gavotte
      7. Air avec Doubles
      8. Passepied I & II
      9. Rigaudon

Partita in B-flat major (Krebs-WV 823)

      1. Preludio
      2. Fuga
      3. Allemande
      4. Corranta
      5. Sarabande
      6. Bourlesca
      7. Menuets 1,2 & 3
      8. Gigue

Sonata in A minor (Krebs-WV 838)

      1. Fantasia – Allegro
      2. Allegretto
      3. Allegro Assai



Double-manual harpsichord by Colin Booth (2000) after a single-manual by Johann Christof Fleischer (Hamburg, 1710). Tuned and maintained by Steven Devine.

Pitch a=415Hz
Temperament Werckmeister III (1691)

Recorded February 2021 in Alpheton New Maltings, Suffolk.

Performing editions by Steven Devine (Overture) and Felix Frederich (Partita and Sonata – pubd. Carus)