A new composition for harpsichord (sort of!)

It was a fortuitous chance that Steven stumbled upon a young Spanish composer appealing on Facebook to have his piano composition – a Prelude and Fugue from his wittily-titled “Well-syncopated Clavier” – played on harpsichord. Steven heard it and really liked it, recorded it and sent to back to Pascual Gimeno, the composer. He’s been really enthusiastic and has since sent Steven another compostion dedicated to him.

His music is very Spanish-sounding with really jazzy-rhythms and an irresistable drive.

Steven Devine in “Quarantine Sessions”

It’s a very hard time for so many people as so much work has been cancelled or disrupted. Here are some very innovative projects featuring Steven Devine that have taken place since the lockdown began in March:

The OAE – Air on a G String (Bach)

The OAE – Digital Version of “Bach, the Universe and Everything”

Steven Devine & Colin Booth: Giles Farnaby on 2 Ottavini

Steven Devine & Colin Booth: Giles Farnaby on 2 harpsichords