Great review for Krebs!

“Stephen Devine’s playing is impressive, his gently rhetorical approach to the music revealing inner beauties within the notes. A fine example of playing the music, rather than the notes.”

Andrew Benson Wilson has written a very positive review for Vol. 1 of the harpsichord works of Krebs. You can read it here.

Brand New Release on Resonus!

Steven’s latest release on the Resonus label has now been shipped. This is Volume 1 of a survey (projected to be four-volumes) of harpsichord works by Johann Ludwig Krebs (1713 – 1780) – a favourite student of J S Bach’s. This extraordinary music straddles two eras – the Baroque and the Galant – and the style, texture and harmonies reflect a composer exploring the new fashions whilst his training is firmly of the “old-school”.

By turns it is dramatic, profound, charming and witty and has been a real pleasure to put together!

It is availble in a variety of formats from

Here is a video of Steven discussing this wonderful music:

Two New Releases!

Steven is playing harpsichord and organ on two important new releases now available.

Nicola Benedetti’s new album of Antonio Vivaldi and Francesco Geminiani features her new collective of period-specialist players, including Steven on harpsichord. Available from Amazon here.

A new release on Steven’s regular label, Resonus, features the incredible musicianship and intellect of violinist Oliver Webber, here demonstrating the art of “divisions” – ornamenting a melodic line in the virtuosic style of the 17th century in Italy. It is available from Resonus here.